Corporations and memberships

All partners can profit from strong networks. Our educational establishments can only be secured in joint partnerships and with the well-known synergy effects.


Cooperative projects in culture, tourism and science

Joint events, PR work and reduced prices for visitors: The DASA network creates attractive offers.


Under the slogan "Partnership for More Culture" channel 3 of the WDR broadcasting company currently works in close collaboration with around 80 theatres, concert houses, museums, cultural organisations, festivals and special “Theatre and Museum Nights” in North Rhine Westphalia (NRW). One of these is DASA.

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"Culture Partner NRW", A network covering the whole of NRW is created from the above initiative in order to improve the coordination of joint activities.

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The "Hearing Foundation" initiative is an umbrella organisation uniting over 20 societies and institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany, committed to promoting hearing.

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Show your ADAC club card and save money! Members of ADAC can get a reduction in admission price on presentation of their membership card.

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The whole of the Ruhrgebiet on a single cheque card - DASA is one of 90 leisure attractions which can be visited free of charge with the "RuhrTopCard".

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25 anchor points make up the backbone of the Industrial Heritage Trail. They are the starting points for 25 thematic routes covering, for example, the history of a particular region or the traces of the history of mining, inland waterways or the railways. The Industrial Heritage Trail is one of the projects managed by the Ruhr Regional Association.

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Young researchers at the start. Every year thousands of young people come up with new ideas and research results and put together new gadgets and machinery in order to win a leading place in the annual competition entitled "Jugend forscht" (Young People Research). Before they get to the final they have to win a regional competition. The regional competition takes place at DASA every year in February. Here participants from Arnsberg, Dortmund, Hagen, Schwerte, Soest, Wenden, Wetter and Witten compete against each other for the best places. They present their projects to a jury consisting of experts from industry, schools and colleges. The winners then take part in the national competition. "Jugend forscht" is jointly promoted by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Care and ThyssenKrupp, both of whom present the regional competition at DASA.

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The Ruhr Science Forum is a community of extra-university research institutes in the Ruhrgebiet. The community exists to promote cooperation between research institutes in the region and publicise their work throughout the country and beyond.

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DASA is active all over Europe as a member of many different specialist societies.


Das Logo des Deutschen Museumsbundes

The Association of German Museums

The Association of German Museums is a national body representing the interests of all museums and exhibitions, including the staff working there. It supports the demands of history museums, cultural history museums, technical museums, scientific museums and museums of art. Furthermore it is a forum for people who wish to dedicate their energy to promoting museums in Germany. 

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ICOM, the International Council of Museums is the sole international association representing museums, exhibitions and similar facilities. 

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Ecsite (the European Collaborative of Science Centres and Museums) is a merger of European technical museums and science centres. It offers an outstanding platform for European and international museums to exchange ideas and opinions. DASA played host to 800 experts from 40 countries at the 2010 annual conference.

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European Museum Academy (EMA)

The EMA promotes research in the area of museology and supports scientific exchanges in Europe. It brings international experts together and encourages discussions.

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