Facts and figures

The DASA is a facility belonging to the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz and Arbeitsmedizin (BAuA).


Head of DASA
Gregor Isenbort

Figures, figures, figures...

22.01.1993  partial opening
07.05.2000  full opening

65 male and female staff
180,000 visitors a year

ca. 13,000 sq.m. exhibition space
12 exhibition units


DASA offers an interactive learning space on the themes of ”People“, “Work” and “Technology”. At the centre are people in the world of work.

What we can offer

A permanent exhibition, temporary special exhibitions, things like an audio guided tour system, general guided tours and guided tours on specific themes, workshops, rallies, publications, a cafeteria, and the museum shop.


  • 1996
    European Museum of the Year Award, the Luigi Micheletti Award for the "best new Museum of Industry and Technology in Europe“. The ITVA special prize for innovative and multimedia use. (Integrated TV & Video Association)

  • 1999
    Selected as one of the "worldwide projects at EXPO 2000“ in Hannover

  • 2006
    PREVENGA, the Spanish prize for effective public presentation of safety and health in the world of work

  • 2007
    Selected site in the "Land of Ideas"

  • 2009
    "Corporate Media, Member of the European Masterclass" award for the media installation "The Controlling Person"