What makes us so special: scenography

Everyone has something outstanding to be proud of. DASA is a pioneer in so-called scenography. By this we mean all the means used to present a deliberate or accidental configuration or spatial arrangement in publicly accessible spaces which serve the aim of exhibiting in museums.


A unique position for design

In 1996 DASA was awarded the Micheletti Award, the "European Museum of the Year“ prize on the grounds of its outstanding design. At the time our scenographic methods gave us a unique position in the museum world.

At DASA we present our themes from the world of work in a very particular way – by means of technical exhibits in an unusual combination with art, lighting, different spatial atmospheres and multimedia experiences. The differentiated design is focused on communicating ideas which can be taken up by society to contribute towards making people's life and work more humane.

DASA presents colloquia on scenography every year. Our aim is to keep up with the latest developments in the area of exhibition concepts and design.