DASA attractions recommended by visitors

DASA can offer its visitors a huge number of attractions. Here’s a selection. What’s your favourite?


Ruling the Road

Ein junger Mann sitzt auf einem Fahrersitz und steuert einen LKW in einer virtuellen Umgebung.Harald Hoffmann

Take a seat in a simulated truck complete with original noises and a genuine driver feeling! A lot of programmes have been installed to turn the driving of heavy trucks into an easy exercise.

High resolution computer graphics and the use of genuine hardware and software lorry parts will whisk you away into the world of truck drivers travelling through town and country and over mountains and valleys – in all kinds of weather. The simulator can replicate an amazing number of different types of vehicle. You can even make adjustments according to the weight and the focal point of the load.

The "DASAdrome"

Ausstellungsbesucher probieren die Transportwagen am DASA Drom ausUwe Völkner, Fotoagentur FOX

You need strong nerves to take a ride on our ghost train through a creepy storeroom where shelves can tip over and stumbling blocks are lying along the way.

For children especially, the "DASA-Drome" is one of the high points of a visit to DASA. And this, in what appears to be a completely dry theme like "internal transport".

Dig, dig, dig

Eine Mann steht neben einem kleinem Bagger, der von einer Frau gesteuert wird.Harald Hoffmann

"PC14R-2" is the correct name for a mini excavator with a maxi performance. The 15.2 hp excavator was built in 2007, weighs 1.5 tons and can shovel up to 55 litres of material. The motor is quiet and made to reduce vibration and noise stress. Climb aboard, listen to some brief instructions and off you go!

Even the most delicate female hands can plough through gravel, shear away at rock and lay heavy slabs. The heavy machine is easy to operate. You only need a few minutes practice. Listen, watch and feel – have a go on the excavator. It’s a real adventure. The machine is suitable for children with a minimum height of 1.50 metres.

The electric furnace

Ein riesiger alter Stahlofen steht in einer Halle.Behler, Enker, Gasenzer (BEG)

The so-called "E furnace" was extremely hot, dusty and loud. “E-furnace“ is the sober abbreviation for the "most weighty“ exhibit in DASA: a rusty brown monster almost 10 metres in height, dozens of tons in weight and covered in a jungle of cables, equipment and doors. A “hellfire” in which Dortmund steelworkers smelted steel for thirty years. When it went into action it was as loud as a jet plane taking off from a runway.

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