Food & Beverages: now available in a heated tent. To enjoy your own food feel free to use our picnic areas.


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Get some tasty samples with interactive experiences, multimedia installations and a stimulating portion of cultural history. Discover everything that goes into our food - technology, resources and, not least, work processes. But above all, experience first-hand and in a unique exhibition panorama what ecological, social, economic and health effects our food brings with it.



29.10.2022 - 27.08.2023


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ÜS Sektion

That's what it's about

Sustainablity tastes smart

We love animals. Especially in our food. This causes climatic tubulences due to the costly keeping and production of animal foods .We make sustainability tasty for you.

Technology eats with us

Tracking down and preserving edibles is a driving force for technological innovation. FOODPRINT presents historical findings and juxtaposes them with current innovation and research projects: from robots that harvest tomatoes to packaging material made from algae and "faked meat".

Hungry for knowledge?

The heart of the exhibition is the tasteLAB. In this interactive mediation area, we'll serve you some unusual taste challenges, such as chocolate made from insects. Snack on a few stories about cultivated plants, herbs or read with us from the coffee grounds of climate-friendly alternatives.

In cooperation

FOODPRINTS is part of a European cooperation between the Technical Museum Vienna, the Parque de las Ciencias in Granada and the DASA Dortmund. The aim is to promote international exchange and sustainable museum practice, while focusing on the themes of sustainability and innovation in terms of content.

Get a taste


The heart: something tasty happens here every day. Tastings, brain food and cooking classes.

Fru schaut in einen Topf, der auf einem gedeckten Tisch steht.

Looking into the pots

What goes on the plates? Who fills the plates? Discover exciting worlds behind the meals.


A supermarket full of choices. We have in our hands how food will look like in the future - so that it is good for us and the earth.


  • Food Memory
  • A vertical greenhouse
  • Chocolate fountain
  • Henriette Davidis: The mother of cookbook literature comes from Dortmund


Coop Chefs

CoopPartners in our tasteLAB, the cooking and tasting area in the exhibition

  • BUND Dortmund
  • Slow Food Bochum
  • Meas Cucina
  • Lokalgenuss Dortmund
  • Marktschwärmer Dortmund
  • Tatis Cafè
  • Kochbuch- und Brauereimuseum der Stadt Dortmund

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