Struggle for a better working world

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The history of occupational health and safety

How did we come up with things like social insurance, factory inspections, employers' liability insurance associations and accident prevention? Who fought for the eight-hour working day or against child labour?

The "Struggle for a better working world" area of the exhibition tells stories from the history of occupational health and safety, all of which recount hardship, opposing interests and conflicts, periods of progress and stagnation. We take a look into the past in two exhibition rooms.

One of them presents initiatives for a better working world that came from "above", i.e. ideas developed by the state, businesses and associations. The other shows how workers fought for greater protection.

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Exhibition highlights

Weibliches Skelett in der historischen Abteilung der DASA
Physical strain

A female skeleton

Exhausting your back for work: this used to happen very often. This spines of workers were put through a lot and suffered heavily.

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Schreibtisch des ersten Arbeitsministers als Exponat in der DASA.
Craftsmanship & Technology

The minister’s desk

An object that made politics.

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Das Logo vom Sender WDR5
Logo der Route der Industriekultur