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New working worlds

Exhibition Tomorrow’s working worldLeisure visitorsSecondary education level 1Vocational schools

The working world of the future

A new future emerges at the DASA working world exhibition. Visions, mega-trends and avatars have been added to the refurbished "New working worlds" area. The goal of the new exhibits is to make visitors think about the future of the working world and what it will look like. How do we want to work in the future? What is and what will remain important to us? As predications can never be entirely accurate, DASA presents a space that is more open to interpretation and discussion. With this area of the exhibition, DASA has been able to start an open discourse where you can leave all of your thoughts and ideas.

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Exhibition highlights

Visionenwand in der Ausstellung "Neue Arbeitswelten"
Leisure visitorsSchools
Tomorrow’s working world

Vision wall

This is a time travel through the cultural history of ideas about the future. Behind every picture is an utopia.

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Lastendrohne in der DASA Ausstellung "Neue Arbeitswelten"
ScientistsLeisure visitorsSchools
Tomorrow’s working world

Theme islands

Using several fields of work as examples, we show what the "megatrends" can literally achieve. Discover exciting objects from the future...

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Voting Station in der DASA-Ausstellung "Neue Arbeitswelten"
ScientistsLeisure visitorsSchools
Tomorrow’s working world

The voting station

What are your thoughts on the future? What about globalisation and digitalisation? All good or rather not? Vote!

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Roboter in der Ausstellung "Neue Arbeitswelten"
ScientistsLeisure visitorsSchools

My colleague - the robot

In close contact with the machine: People are increasingly working hand in hand with robots. At what price?

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DASA Kurator mit einer Flugroll-Drohne in der Ausstellung "Neue Arbeitswelten"
ScientistsSecondary education level 1Vocational schools
Tomorrow’s working world

The "Bin:Go” ball drone

New form of human-machine cooperation today and in the future

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3D Drucker in Aktion in der DASA Ausstellung Neue Arbeitswelten
ExpertsLeisure visitorsSchools

3D Printer

The Membino 864 Pro is one of our latest exhibits and an eye-catcher not only for technology freaks.

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