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Working in transport and traffic

Have you ever lost your nerve in traffic? But have you ever stopped to think about what the working conditions in a truck driver’s cab are like? Or who bears the risk when transporting hazardous goods? And what about the metro driver that takes us home? Find out what it feels like to be in the driver’s seat. Or would you rather take a forklift truck for a spin? You can try it all! Only at DASA.

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Steel hall


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30 min


Simulators are only suitable for visitors aged 10 or over.

Exhibition insights

Frau steuert den LKW-Simulator in der DASA
Children (up to 10 years)Secondary education level 1Vocational schools
Transport and traffic

Truck simulator

Take a seat, buckle up, adjust the mirror, turn the key - and off you go!

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Decke in der Straßenbahn der DASA
Leisure visitorsSchools
Transport and traffic

The Tram to Dortmund Wambel

The good old DASA tram from the 1920s. The tram drivers endured hours of standing during their working time.

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Angebote zur Ausstellung

Frau und Mädchen in der DASA-Erlebnisbahn

The "Ghost Train"

Almost like in the amusement park: a ghost train, but without ghosts. What do you discover instead? read more

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