Please note : For events "2G" regulations are valid. Masks are mandatory.

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Ausschnitt eines historischen Plakats: Ein Mann wäscht seine Hände unter dem Wasserhahn.

DASA and the Corona situation

Our doors are open for you!

Since 22.11.2021, everyone 18 and older: Only vaccinated and recovered persons have access ("2 G").
If you have any questions or would like to book an offer, please contact the DASA Visitor Service:

Fon: 0231 9071-2645
Service hours: Mo-Fr 7.30 - 16.30

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 9.00 -17.00 
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 10.00 -18.00

Our protection and hygiene regulations

  • It is not a request, but a duty: the mouth and nose cover. You must wear it if you are over 6 years old.
  • As soon as you enter the DASA, please go to the sanitary facilities in the entrance area and wash your hands.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are available.
  • We are happy about everyone who would like to visit us. But please stay at home if you or your children are indisposed and show symptoms of a cold, flu, etc.
  • Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m to other people. Avoid the formation of groups.
  • We clean all screens and hands-ons regularly, but please take extra care and avoid touching anything unnecessarily.
  • The entrance and exit are separated. We also increase the number of security personnel and increase the cleaning frequency of the audience areas.
  • We limit the number of visitors to a maximum of 500 people.


All groups of visitors must register in advance with the DASA Visitor Service, even if they are not taking a guided tour. This is the only way we can guarantee that you can actually enter the DASA on the day of your visit. This is because we have to observe the corona-related maximum visit sizes.

Our demonstration technicians will try to show you as much as possible. Please understand that there are restrictions regarding the size of the group or thematic restrictions.

Please also consider that you should plan a little more time as usual for protection measures while your checkin and als well as for your checkout.

If you have booked a guided tour, you can use our audio moderation system, which acoustically amplifies the voice of the guide via headphones. Therefore, please set up an appropriate time window before the tour related to the hand out of the headphones that has to follow to the current hygiene regulations.

Tours are currently only available for educational institutions (schools, universities, vocational colleges ...) and companies. Unfortunately, we have to cancel private tours and children's birthday parties for more than five people until further notice, as in most parts of the country only five people from different households are allowed to meet in public places.

Children's construction site

There are time windows for entering the children's construction site:

  • Weekdays:                                 







  • Weekend:                                                                     







For these time windows there are ribbons with markings, which you can get at the information desk in the Rotunda. A ribbon allows access for one of the listed time windows. Please note a maximum of 6 children are allowed on the site at one time.

Access to the construction site without a ribbon is not allowed!

The general rules also apply to accompanying persons. Please pay attention to distance!

Unfortunately the following attraction are still closed:

  • Flight Simulator
  •  "DASA Drome"/ "Ghost Train"

Open are

  • Truck Simulator
  • Forklift simulator
  • A daily updated attractions you can find at the information desk.

Service areas

The DASA-Bistro indoor is closed but we can offer you the unique opportunity of an outdoor food area. There is a food truck located within the area of the exibtion "Saftey on Building Sites".

Food truck Opening hours:

Opening Hours: 12 a.m. - 3 p.m. (closing day: Friday).


Due to the current restrictions and inconvenience the DASA entry is free of charge.