Here you can find information to help you plan and organise your visit to DASA.


How do I find my way around DASA?

DASA is Germany's largest interactive exhibition – as large as two football pitches. The route through the exhibition leads through a succession of different rooms. Just follow your nose as the fancy takes you. There is no "right" way around the building. In all the different areas in the exhibition you can find staff who are willing and able to give you information about the various themes and exhibits. In many areas they will also be delighted to help you use the interactive facilities.

What can I do in DASA?

The DASA experience all depends on you! On what you want to experience, experiment and take part in. In many places you'll find "hands on" equipment and exhibits for you to try yourself. However this is not the case with all the exhibits. Some of them are very fragile and require an expert demonstrator. Should you have any questions staff will be delighted to help you out.

Do I have to read a lot of texts in the exhibition?

DASA offers you many different sorts of information systems. There are short texts on the walls and more detailed information in fold-out form. The choice is yours. You can also use our headphone system which will guide you free of charge through the whole exhibition. Or why not try one of the many multimedia stations in the exhibition units?

Can children and school students wander through DASA on their own?

DASA is a hands-on exhibition inviting you to discover things for yourself. But don’t forget that you are responsible for your children. We recommend you look round DASA together with your children / school students. An accompanying adult is necessary at all times.

How much time should I plan for my visit to DASA?

DASA can scarcely be covered in a single day! You can discover exciting details, inspiring rooms and fascinating objects everywhere. This is why you’ll be a welcome guest every time you pay us a visit.

For which age groups is DASA suitable?

DASA is an experience for people of all ages. We have special offers for children from the age of 5. Furthermore, at certain hands-on stations people have to have a minimum height. Families with very young children can have a relaxed tour of DASA because they can take their prams along.

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Our tip for a day-out at DASA

If you’ve only got an hour at your disposal, we recommend

  • you simply drop in and have a quick look around. One thing’s for sure: you’ll want to come back.

  • pick out a particular exhibition area and concentrate on that.

If you’ve got two hours


  • you can get a rough idea of everything there is to see at DASA.If you’ve got more time

  • you can enjoy all the different things we have to offer, take a break in our food-and-drink area, or picnic in the bistro or outside. There are presentations every day, and every day our staff will be standing by to give you any further information you need.

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Food and drink

What about food and drink at DASA?

Our refreshment area can cater for around 100 guests. Here you can take a quiet break and digest all you have seen and experienced. We can offer you:   

  • Three different menus a day, including a vegetarian dish
  • Snacks
  • Coffee and biscuits/cake
  • A range of drinks

What if I bring my own food and drink?

No problem! You are welcome to eat and drink your own food in the bistro area in the rotunda. However, since we want to keep the exhibition safe and clean for our visitors, you are not allowed to eat and drink in the exhibition areas.

Questions concerning bookings

How many people constitute a group?

A group tariff is available for 10 persons or more. The precise number of persons varies according to the programme you wish to book. Guided tours are available for a maximum of 20 persons.

How far in advance do we have to book one of DASA’s programmes?

At best around four or five weeks in advance. Please make your bookings by telephone, e-mail or fax to the DASA visitor service. And don't forget to include details on how we can contact you.

What happens if I have to cancel a booked programme?

We ask you to appreciate that if you arrive late the guides can only wait for 30 minutes after the agreed time. In this case, and also in the case of last-minute cancellations (up to four days before the booked date), you will be required to pay a cancellation fee of 100% of the costs.

How do I pay for the programmes?

Payment for guided tours/workshops can be made in cash or with an EC-Card on the day you arrive at DASA. In exceptional cases it is possible to pay on invoice (from 25 € upwards).

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Are my children allowed to use all the gadgets and equipment?

Safety is the be-all and end-all in an exhibition dedicated to “Safety at Work”. Please appreciate that it is not allowed to touch all the exhibits. Some of the hands-on objects also have safety restrictions. The mini excavator can only be driven if you are over 1 metre and 50 cm tall. The driving simulators (truck and forklift truck) are suitable for all those persons over 1 metre and 40 cm tall.

Where is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed in the exhibition. You can smoke in front of the DASA building. Please dispose of your cigarette ends in the ashtrays provided.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs and other animals are not allowed in the exhibition – with the exception of guide-dogs for the blind and dogs helping people with restricted mobility.

Is there a cloakroom?

In order to protect you from accidents (running machines etc.) you are required to hand in overcoats, raincoats, larger bags and umbrellas etc. at the cloakroom. You can check what size bags are allowed at the box office or  the cloakroom.

Can I take photos at DASA?

Photography in the exhibition is permitted as long as the photos are exclusively for private use. Please note that flash photography is not allowed because we wish to protect our exhibits. If you use tripods etc. you should do this in a way which does not endanger other people or damage the building or exhibits. You will be held legally responsible for any damage you cause.

To what extent is DASA barrier-free?

The vast majority of the exhibition can be visited by people with restricted mobility. The entrance to the restaurant area is via a side entrance. Please speak to one of our porters. For people with hearing difficulties DASA offers a guided tour in sign language every two months. We shall be only too pleased to try to cater for the particular requirements of people with poor eyesight.

Can I visit  DASA with a pram?

No problem! Even the very young are welcome. But please make sure your children remain seated in their prams.

What can I see in the immediate vicinity?

Dortmund offers undreamt-of discoveries. It’s only two stops on the suburban railway line from DASA to Dortmund central station (Link VRR).The staff at Ruhr Tourismus and Dortmund Tourismus will be delighted to help you with your plans.


... and what if there’s something I (don’t) like?

If you want to make any suggestions, point things out or criticise something, please talk to our staff on the spot. Alternatively you can fill out a special form at the Infotheque or send us an Opens window for sending emailemail.

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