DASA at a glance

Our English-language information is there to help you prepare your visit, or as a follow-up or reminder of your visit to DASA.

DASA at a glance


Explore and discover our diverse exhibition with our multimedia-guide. The clever device offers interesting DASA insights and makes orientation even easier.

What’s more, it is available in German, English and French! A positioning service lets you know where you are in the exhibition. Watch and listen to videos and audio files – related to the area you are in.

The guide is a handheld device, similar to a modern phone, which points out interesting highlights in the exhibition close to the visitor’s position. The handling is straightforward and inspired by the current mobile phone technology. Are you interested in a thematic guided tour about ergonomics or stress?Please choose the tour you prefer. As a special treat we have developed a guided tour covering the most spectacular DASA exhibits.

You can use our free multimedia guide in the DASA exhibition. Please contact the service desk to get the device.