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Work and everyday life in industry

Welcome to the steel hall, the heart of DASA. Here you will find our giant, the E-furnace, where scrap was turned into steel. Or you can discover our rolling mill. It flattens steel, for example into streetcar tracks.

If you want to tickle your ears, you can visit the noise tunnel, and if you like things a bit hot, the fire protection area is just the place for you. Or take a look at the energy hall. There you can find out exciting details about energy.

And then there are the raw materials and goods that are transported around the globe - at great expense and with a lot of work. There are many dangers involved. They can emanate from substances that industry produces and that we use every day. What increasingly concerns us in this context: How do we protect ourselves and our livelihoods sustainably? If you're interested, take a look at the hazardous materials hall.

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Frau steuert den LKW-Simulator in der DASA
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Transport and traffic

Truck simulator

Take a seat, buckle up, adjust the mirror, turn the key - and off you go!

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Der Elektrolichtbogenofen in der Stahlhalle der DASA
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Shift work

Electric arc furnace

The Giant: The electric furnace from 1955 with a capacity of 70 tons produced 15,000 tons of steel per month.

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Originalgetreuer Einsatzleitplatz der Feuerwehr Dortmund als Exponat
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fire department

Fire safety zone

Where every second counts. The story behind life saving missions.

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Die Lärmkabine in der Stahlhalle der DASA
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Shift work

Sound insulation cabin

Who can shout the loudest? Try out your lungs here. Who hits the highest decibel score?

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Dampfmaschine in der DASA Ausstellung "Im Takt der Maschine"
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The steam engine

Steam engines were providing the energy for the machines. There were seen as symbols for progress - but at what price?

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