People and factories

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Traditional factory work in the textile industry...

Industrialization would have been inconceivable without the invention of steam power.

Now the rhythm of machines determines the world of life and work. New work organizations emerge. Work becomes faster, more monitored and controlled. Hazards such as noise, stress, dust and poor hygiene increase. Accidents at unsafe machines are part of everyday life.

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Webstühle in der DASA
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Weaving in and out: See our looms in action

The fabric of which the gowns and robes are made of are not always that glamorous as one might think ...

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Kleiderfassade als Exponat in der DASA Ausstellungseinheit Im Takt der Maschine.
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The wall of clothes

Jumping into the boiler suit - instead of your favorite jumper the work at the machine requires working uniforms ...

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Kinder vor der Stempeluhr zur Zeiterfassung in der DASA
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The time cabinet

For a long time sun, moon, stars and the change of seasons were used to count time - since the 19th century mainly minutes are relevant ...

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Dampfmaschine in der DASA Ausstellung "Im Takt der Maschine"
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The steam engine

Steam engines were providing the energy for the machines. There were seen as symbols for progress - but at what price?

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Paar besichtigt den hölzernen Jacquard-Webstuhl in der DASA
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Craftsmanship & Technology

The Jacquard loom

The loom brings the colourful patterns into the farbrics. You will get to know about its connection to digitalization ...

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