Please note : For events "2G" regulations are valid. Masks are mandatory.

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Die Rechenmaschine Trinks-Brunsviga ist ein Exponat in der DASA.


Free entry until 31.12.21

Because of the inconviences due to Corona regulations we provide free entry until 31.12.21! Guided tours and workshops (if they take place) are still subject to a fee. Please note: the below listed programs are in German only.

Tours and Workshops in 2021

We'd like to apologize that we are not able to determine yet which of the offers listed below may actually take place in 2021. It depends on the regulations in the context of the COVID-19-regulations. For informations please contact the DASA Visitor Service.

Prices | guided tours and workshops

The following prices for guided tours and workshops are valid from 1.1.2021 on:

Guided tours People /max.Price
Guided tour, 60 min2050,00 EUR
Guided tour, 90 min2065,00 EUR
Guided tour, 120 min2085,00 EUR
Guided tour "Industrie 4.0", 60 min /for Studentsclass size70,00 EUR
Guided tour "Digital überall", 60 min2050,00 EUR
Guided tour for children, 60 min / kids birthday event1050,00 EUR
Guided tour for children, 90 min /kids birthday event1065,00 EUR

Information: for guided tours 60/90/120 min

For groups larger than the maximum number of participants, we offer the option of booking an extension. The DASA Visitor Service will be happy to advise you so that an optimal guided tour experience can be ensured for larger groups.

WorkshopPeople /max.Price /p. Group
Was stinkt denn da?/kindergarten + primary school 1065,00 EUR
Mein T-Shirt /kindergarten1065,00 EUR
Mein T-Shirt /primary schoolclass size65,00 EUR
Feuer u. Flamme /from 3rd gradeclass size85,00 EUR
T-Shirt Etikette /grade 7-9class size85,00 EUR
Starter-Workshop /from grade 8class size100,00 EUR
(Alb-)Traum - Das Leben eines Kid-Influencers class size65,00 EUR
Spurensuche /kids birthday event1085,00 EUR
Die Feuerlöscher /kids birthday event1085,00 EUR
Die Forscher /kids birthday event1085,00 EUR


Abbildung der beiden DASA Jahreskarten für Familien und Einzelpersonen

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