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Truck simulator

Cranks and curves, just like in real life

ObjectTransport and trafficChildren (up to 10 years)Secondary education level 1Vocational schools

Cranks and curves, just like in real life

Take a seat in our truck simulator – a fully mobile driver's cab complete with a realistic sound-scape and driving experience. In just a few seconds, three projection screens allow you to become the king of the country road or the master of mountain passes. A variety of driving programmes makes operating heavy trucks a piece of cake. But be careful: Driving an 18-tonne truck in reverse is a skill that has to be learned. Driving safely along a foggy motorway is also not an easy task. And do you think that transporting hazardous goods along a busy country road is any easier? The high-resolution computer graphics and use of genuine truck parts in the hardware and software of our simulator are sure to put inexperienced drivers to the test!



Steel hall

Time required

15 min


1 Person


Suitable for children aged 10 or over and sized 140 cm or taller; Mondays & Fridays the exhibit closes at 3 pm.